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Cardiac Surgery

A specialist consultation in which you will have the opportunity to speak to an expert about a possible heart surgery, potential treatment options and post-op visits.

The cardiac surgery clinic at Centro Medico Santagostino offers specialist consultations to discuss potential indications for cardiac surgery, taking into account the feasibility and type of intervention, in addition to the general risk of the procedure. During the visit a complete medical history is taken and a clinical examination is carried out in which any cardiovascular diagnostic exams or images are evaluated.

Every cardiac disorder at our clinic is studied on a personalized basis, taking into consideration the clinical context of each patient. There are many possible interventions and techniques, and the choice depends on the specific characteristics of both the disorder and the patient.

Particular consideration is given to the possibility of using minimally invasive techniques and conserving native tissue using innovative and cutting-edge techniques. This is applicable, for example, for cases including ascending aortic aneurysm, valve repair or replacement (aortic, mitral and tricuspid) and coronary artery bypass grafting.

The clinic also provides post-operative checkups.

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Visita Cardiochirurgica  

Team Cardiac Surgery

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