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At the Centro Medico Santagostino we offer quality services at all times of the relationship with the patient, and we do it without any increase in the price and in fact warring cost-effective services at all times.

Not only high quality medical level, guaranteed by experienced professionals, rigorous clinical procedures and diagnostic tools of the latest generation, but also short waiting times to get an appointment, and a doctor-patient relationship based on listening and trusted relationship.

The welcome area is an airy and pleasant space even for children, to whom is dedicated a play area.

We use small and large technology, improving service to the patient, as the booking service and online payment (with discount), fast check-in, a text message that reminds the patients of the appointment with the doctor, the use of an electronic medical record used by the entire team for an integrated care, and much more.


Asl (the local health authority) awarded Centro Medico Santagostino with a certificate of authorization after the full evaluation of physical facilities, equipment and operating procedures.

The business model of the Centro Medico Santagostino was carefully studied and evaluated by Databank to ensure that lower prices are practiced thanks to the efficiency and quality of production and business organization and respect for ethical values, social responsibility and respect for the environment.