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Maurizio Bertoncini

Specialist in General Surgery, Microsurgery, Experimental Surgery

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Dr. Bertoncini graduated with a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Milan in 1975. He then completed his specialization in General Surgery at the University of Parma in 1981 and a Specialization in Microsurgery and Experimental Surgery in 1987 at the University of Milan. He worked at a Surgeon at the Ospedale of Magenta (Mi) from 1970 to 2010 performing abdomen, chest, thyroid, lungs, vascular and obesity surgeries, and also taught at the same hospital's Professional School for Nurses. He served as Head of the Surgery Division at Ospedale of Magenta from 2007 to 2009.

Dr. Bertoncini has extensive experience using ultrasound to visualize the abdomen, thyroid, chest and small body parts, having performed more than 6,000 ultrasounds since from 1984, and has published many of his studies in international scientific journals.

Dr. Bertoncini has been with Centro Medico Santagostino in Milan since 2014. He performs ultrasounds and offers surgical and breast health consultations.

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  • Milano Corso Vercelli
  • Milano Cimiano
  • Milano Santagostino Donna - via Larga
  • Milano Repubblica
  • Sesto San Giovanni Gorizia


Agocentesi + Esame Citologico  
Bilateral Breast Ultrasound  
Bilateral Breast Ultrasound  
Breast Examination  
Breast Examination  
Chirurgia Cute Collo <1 Cm  
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Chirurgia Cute Cuoio Capelluto <2 Cm  
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Chirurgia Cute Tronco O Arti <3 Cm  
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Complete Abdominal Ultrasound  
Digestive Tract Ultrasound (Bowel)  
Ecografia Collo (tiroide,paratiroide E Ghiandole Salivari)  
Ecografia Cute E Sottocute (1 Distretto)  
Ecografia Parete Addominale (ernia,laparoceli)  
Ecografia Stazioni Linfonodali (collo, Ascelle, Inguine)  
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Esame Citologico Secreto Mammario  
Incisione Ascesso  
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Lower Abdomen Ultrasound  
Medicazione O Rimozione Punti Complessa (servizio infermieristico)  
Medicazione O Rimozione Punti Semplice  
Scrotum Ultrasound  
Tampone Colturale Del Secreto Mammario Con Antibiogramma (Senologia)  
Tampone Colturale Del Secreto Mammario Per Ricerca Lieviti Con Antimicogramma (Senologia)  
Unilateral Breast Ultrasound  
Unilateral Breast Ultrasound  
Upper Abdomen Ultrasound  
Urinary Tract Ultrasound  
Videoconsulto Chirurgico  
Videoconsulto Senologico  
Visita Chirurgica  
Visita Senologica + Ecografia Mammella Bilaterale  
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