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Igor Piacentini

Dr. Piacentini practices at Centro Medico Santagostino in addition to the Clinic of Urology at the University Hospital San Paolo of Milan.

He is skilled in treating all urological aspects with particular expertise in stones, oncologic disease and benign prostatic hypertrophy.

With regard to andrology, his main focus is on male sexual problems and couple's infertility.

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  • Milano Repubblica


Andrologic Examination  
Andrologic Examination + Urinary Tract Ultrasound  
Biopsia Cute/sottocute + Esame Istologico 1 Biopsia  
160 € Reserve
Eco Prostate (Transrectal)  
Ecocolordoppler Scrotale  
Ecografia Peniena Basale  
Hpv - Hr Ricerca Con Genotipizzazione (Urologia)  
Scrotum Ultrasound  
Simple Diathermocoagulation  
Urinary Tract Ultrasound  
Urologicall Examination  
Visita Andrologica + Ecografia Prostata (transrettale)  
Visita Andrologica + Ecografia Scroto  
Visita Andrologica Per Condilomi  
Visita Urologica + Ecografia Apparato Urinario  
Visita Urologica + Ecografia Prostata (transrettale)  
Visita Urologica + Ecografia Scroto  
Visita Urologica Per Cistiti Ricorrenti  
Visita Urologica Per Endometriosi Del Tratto Urinario