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Federico Raveglia

Chirurgo toracico

After his graduation at Medical School of Milan in 1999, he specialized in Thoracic Surgey in 2004.

He trained in prestigious national and international institutes:

28/02/2010-05/03/2010: training at Rigshospitalet, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery RT, Copenhagen, Denmark on VATS lobectomy8-9/10/2009: ESTS School of Thoracic Surgery, VATS masterclass course, Elancourt/Covidien, Paris, France.August-October 2003: fellowship in Thoracic Surgery, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia, Usa, Professor Larry R Kaiser.August-October 2003: fellowship in Pulmunology, University of Pennsylvania Health System, Philadelphia, U.S.A., Professor D. Sternman.

Now he practices in the general and thoracic surgery unit at Milan's Ospedale San Paolo, where he divides his time among several activities.The most important is his clinical work, which consists of managing care for hospitalized patients and performing emergency and elective surgeries.

He is a full and regular participant in the unit's surgical team, typically taking the role of lead surgeon or first assistant.He also conducts visits with cancer patients, both before surgery and in follow-up.A consistent part of his time is spent on scientific activities, beginning with the collection of data from hospitalized patients and ending with the publication of articles in national and international scientific journals.

He has been appointed reviewer of journal of Thoracic disease. These activities are supplemented by a continuous process of professional development that includes participation in training courses and national and international conferences.

He is member of several medical societies:

Società Italiana Chirurgia Toracica (SICT)Società Italiana di Endoscopia Toracica (SIET)European Society Thoracic Surgeon (ESTS)

He is active member in the following trials and scientific working groups:

NETs. European working group for pulmonary neuroendocrine tumorsPleural Malignant Effusion Working Group. International group to edit new European guidelinesPASS trial (Pleural mesotheliomA Strategies Study). Italian multi-centric trial for pleuralmesothelioma managementVATS GROUP. Italian multi centric register for mini invasive surgeryESTS DATABASE. European register of thoracic surgical patients

He also manages the following educational activities:

Professor on contract at residency program in Thoracic Surgery at University of MilanTutor at residency program in General Surgery at University of MilanProfessor of Surgery at Nursing School, University of Milan.

Finally, Dr. Raveglia Federico works in partnership with AVIS to organize and direct a lung cancer screening program for blood donors.

Where can you find Federico Raveglia

  • Milano Cairoli
  • Milano Cimiano
  • Monza Cortelonga


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