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Fabrizio Della Torre

Pulmonologist, Specialist in Respiratory Disorders

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From 1974 to 2013 Dr. Della Torre served as the Medical Director of the Center for study and treatment of lung diseases, at the Hospital of Casatenovo in the province of Lecco, where he worked in the wards of pathophysiology, respiratory physiotherapy and bronchology. In the same hospital, he also collaborated on scientific research in the field of pharmacology, pulmonology and Immuno-allergology.

He directed the clinic of Allergology and Clinical Immunology at the same hospital and managed the aerobiologica LC1 service, recognized by the Italian and European Associations of Aerobiologia Networks, in which studies were conducted on ragweed and difficult asthma.

He was a professor in the graduate school in Phthisiology and Respiratory Diseases at the University of Milan. He has also worked as a consultant for Milan's regional center of Forensic Medicine.

The author of approximately 200 publications in scientific journals, he has participated in numerous national and international conferences.

Dr. Della Torre also speaks fluent Croatian.

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  • Milano Sant'Agostino 1
  • Milano Repubblica
  • Milano Corso Vercelli
  • Milano Corvetto B


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