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Laboratory exam packages

Pacchetto Malattie della tiroide

Exams included in the package
  • FT4 - Tiroxina libera [Siero] (14,46€)
  • FT3 - Triiodotironina libera [Siero] (14,46€)
  • AbTPO - Anticorpi anti-tireoperossidasi [Siero], o Anticorpi anti-microsomi (18,48€)
  • AbTG - Anticorpi anti-tireoglobulina [Siero] (18,48€)
  • TSH - Ormone tireostimolante [Siero], o Tireostimolina ipofisaria, Tireotropina (12,78€)
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78,66 euro.
The final price may vary if the tests prescribed by the doctor for clinical needs are different from those included in the package. In this case, use the price calculator to get a personalized estimate of the total cost.