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Are you interested in facing your sexual health problems, individually or as a couple, with an expert? The sexology clinic of Centro Medico Santagostino, is an affordable option!

The sexology clinic of Centro Medico Santagostino offers advice and treatment related to sexual problems: vaginismus, anorgasmia, vulvodynia and vulvar disorders that lead to pain during intercourse, compulsive sexuality, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, disorders of sexual desire, sexual and relationship problems within couples, gender identity disorder.

Sexual problems can impact all aspects of a patient's and a couple's life. Therefore, the focus of sexual therapy is to examine the distress and dissatisfaction with sexual behaviors of both single individuals and the couple and to assess their desire for change, their motivations and their expectations.

The therapy aims to restore psycho-sexual welfare to the patient and couple by raising their awareness that their sexual dynamics and personal experiences and fears can be changed. For this reason, engaging in the therapy itself should not be seen as a sign of failure, but as a strength, and the first step needed to improve the individual and the couple's quality of life.

A sexology treatment program can include a variety of different specialists (gynecologist, urologist-andrologist, psychologist).

The objective is to obtain a greater awareness and knowledge of their bodies, of their sexual stimuli and responses, their pleasures/desires; Patients will also learn effective ways of communicating and resolving conflicts, fears, anxieties and inhibitions. An increased ability to manage resistance and difficulties within a couple leads to improvements in the quality of sexual and relational life.

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