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Antigenic swab Covid-19 (Bologna)

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Se vuoi avere maggiori informazioni sui test sierologici leggi attentamente le nostre FAQ.

ATTENZIONE: questa prestazione non può essere prenotata se se presenti sintomi assimilabili a Covid 19. Se sei un paziente già dichiarato positivo e devi prenotare il tampone che determini la fine della tua quarantena, puoi prenotare SOLO se non presenti sintomi ed hai terminato i giorni di quarantena imposti dalla normativa.
Se hai avuto contatti con un positivo e sei asintomatico, puoi prenotare il tampone in uno dei nostri centri.

Se devi prenotare il tampone per un bambino sotto i 6 anni compiuti, chiama il call center allo 0289701701 per avere indicazioni sulle sedi che erogano la prestazione in base all'età.

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It is necessary to present an identity document.

Important: access to the medical centers is NOT allowed in the presence of fever or flu symptoms. In this case, the request for the swab must be made to the competent health authorities through your family doctor or by booking a home swab.

What is the antigenic swab?

The antigenic swab test allows you to quickly identify the proteins (antigens) present in the coating of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The presence of these proteins in the body is useful in identifying the presence of the virus in its initial stage of infection.

The result of the test cannot be currently read from a diagnostic point of view, however, it integrates the framework of the clinical situation, which may need to be further investigated through different diagnostic tests.

In case of a dubious or positive outcome, you are obliged to undergo a molecular swab to search for viral RNA by means of RT-PCR, the only currently recognized diagnostic method.

What is the benefit of the antigenic swab?

The antigenic swab allows for more frequent and large-scale screening, so that people who have contracted the infection can be identified promptly, helping to slow the spread of the virus. However, the only swab that allows the diagnosis of Covid-19 is the molecular swab for the search for viral RNA by RT-PCR.

How does the rapid antigen swab work?

The test involves the collection of biological material by inserting a swab (a thin cotton swab) into the nostril. The material is collected from the upper part of the pharynx, reachable precisely through the nostril by rotating it . The material collected in this way will be distributed inside the Test kit. The collection of biological material will always be performed by professional nursing staff utilizing sterile disposable material.

What are the possible complications?

No side effects are expected. However, it is possible that after the examination you may feel  a sensation of discomfort in the affected areas.

When are the results available?

The test result is available within 10-15 minutes in the clinical file.

How do I understand the results?

If the test result is positive, it is necessary to undergo a molecular swab for viral RNA detection by RT-PCR.

In our centers in Lombardy, the patient can perform the molecular swab free of charge at Santagostino immediately after receiving the result of the positive antigenic swab.
At our Bologna center, Santagostino reports to the local health authority which will contact the patient for the execution of a RT-PCR test. In the meantime, fiduciary isolation is mandatory.

If the test result is negative, it is strongly recommended to carry out the swab for viral RNA research by RT-PCR if:

clinical symptoms persist or appear;
you have received a positive contact notification from the Immuni app;
you have received news of a confirmed positive contact.

What to do if you were tested positive for Covid-19 or you had contact with a person who was tested positive for Covid-19?

If you performed an antigenic swab and the result is positive, you must perform a molecular swab to determine if you were actually infected with Covid-19. In case of a positive molecular swab, you will have to book the molecular swab that determines the end of the isolation, which you can ONLY book as a home service (home visit), in case you want to do it with Santagostino (only for people domiciled in Lombardy, people domiciled in Bologna can perform it through AUSL Emilia Romagna).

You can carry out the molecular swab in our centers only if more than 21 days have passed since the symptoms or since the first swab was performed.

  • If you had high-risk contact with a person tested positive for Covid-19  and you need to book the molecular swab that determines the end of your isolation, you can ONLY book as a home service (home visit).
  • If you had low risk contact with a positive person and you are asymptomatic or paucisymptomatic (no fever), you can book the molecular swab at one of our centers.

How and when do I cancel a swab?

The swab can ONLY be canceled online, from your reserved area on the mySantagostino app or on

  • From the app, go to Appointments, then click on Future Appointments and select the service to be canceled and follow the instructions until the cancellation is confirmed. You will receive confirmation sms and the refund procedure will start.
  • From the site, go to Reservations, then click on Future Appointments and select the service to be canceled and follow the instructions until the cancellation is confirmed. You will receive confirmation sms and the refund procedure will start.

If you are cancelling an appointment for a family member, remember to select his/her name from the drop-down menu once you are in the Appointments / Services area.

You can cancel no later than 24 hours before the service, after this period, you will no longer be able to cancel or obtain any refund.

Antigenic swab (at the center) - How to book

Only online bookings are available. Payment is done online at the end of the booking process. If payment is not made within 20 minutes, the reservation will be cancelled automatically.
It is NOT possible to cancel or move the appointment within 24 hours prior to it so as not to take away the opportunity for the many people waiting. In case of cancellation in the previous 24 hours you are NOT entitled to a refund.

If you need to book the swab (antigenic or molecular) for a child under 6 years old, call the Call Center at the following number 0289701701 for information on the centers that provide the service based on age and then book online after adding the child as a family member (if you are the parent or legal guardian).

Antigenic swab Covid-19 (Bologna): quanto costa?

La prestazione Antigenic swab Covid-19 (Bologna) al Santagostino costa 30euro.