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Marco Bordina


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Dr. Bordina graduated from the University of Milan in 2011. He is currently a freelance podiatrist collaborating with different Medical Centers in the Milan province. He has conducted training courses for sports and neuromuscular bandage. His passion for sports and for the mountains led him to cultivate a professional interest in the evaluation of plantar support and gait analysis, and to focus on the selection of appropriate footwear and orthotic insoles. He also volunteers with the Italian Red Cross, as rescuer and DAE operator.

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  • Milano Sant'Agostino 1
  • Milano Loreto


Biomechanics Examination  
Differenziazione Specie Di Aspergillus Spp. E Studio Resistenze (Podologia)  
Medicazione Podologica  
Ortesi In Silicone Monodigitale  
Ortesi In Silicone Monodigitale Pediatrico  
Ortesi In Silicone Pluridigitale  
Ortesi In Silicone Pluridigitale Pediatrico  
Rieducazione Ungueale Con Resina  
Rigenerazione Ortesi Plantare Bidimensionale  
Trattamento Complesso Podologico  
Trattamento Per Ortesi Plantare Bidimensionale  
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Trattamento Per Ortesi Plantare Tridimensionale  
250 € Prenota online
Trattamento Per Ortesi Plantare Tridimensionale (secondo Plantare) - Entro 6 Mesi  
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Trattamento Podologico  
Trattamento Podologico Pediatrico  
Videoconsulto Podologico  
Visita Biomeccanica Pediatrica  
Visita Podologica  
Visita Podologica Pediatrica  
Visita Podologica Per Prevenzione Piede Diabetico  
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