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Ilaria Bruschi

Psychologist and psychotherapist

Dr. Ilaria Bruschi graduated from the University of Milan in Psychology of Development with a dissertation on psychodrama and active techniques in the conduction of therapy-groups. In 2017 she finished her Masters Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology studying the mutual influence between psychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative pathologies within a clinical and research context. In 2016, first, at the University of Bologna and later at the “Botteghe d'Arte” at Niguarda hospital in Milan; she studied Integrated Psychology with Expressive Therapies. As a psychotherapist she gives support for single patiences as well as couples and families facing emotional challenges such as separations, abandonments, emotional wounds due to mourning, terminal illnesses, abortion, sexual and physical abuse and eating disorders.As an art and dance therapist she assesses and works with children and adolescents through expressive therapies that lead to the interpretation of drawings and body language. In the last years she collaborated in projects with the Italian Psychologist Union; specifically in 2016 she was involved in the art-show/conference “"Il cuore che batte in Arte Terapia. Percorsi e trasformazioni nei processi di cura nell'ambito della riabilitazione psichiatrica” and the OPL event at Salone dello Studente using expressive laboratories in "I linguaggi non verbali come strumento di esplorazione del Sè".

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  • Milano Cadorna